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Skreitas Fashion Campaign 2019

Clothing Designer / Rūta Kvaščevičiūtė
Directed by Martynas Mikalonis
Music by Lukas Tarvainis

Tarvainis Lukas - KOMPOZICIJA X 
(Aleatoric Music Live Performance) 

Artist / Lukas Tarvainis
Release Date / 2019

KOMPOZICIJA X - is one of the tracks of three-track aleatoric music compilation. Main focus in this particular composition is to represent improvisational aleatoric principles and techniques implemented within the live hybrid modular setup performance.

Tarvainis Lukas - "Synthphonie" (A/V Version)

Video / Lukas Tarvainis
Artist / Lukas Tarvainis
Release Date / 2018

Synthphonie is a four-movement electronic music composition based on symphonic form and influenced by principles of modular synthesis. Distinct sections present different creative decisions and methods used within the piece. From exotic polyrhythmic sequences and subtle microtonal motifs to exploration of rich and complex melodies and textures achieved by utilising plunderphonics, aleatoric, granular synthesis and other interesting techniques and principles.

TELEKOM - 拡張現実 TEST.exe

Video / Lukas Tarvainis
Artist / Lukas Tarvainis
Release Date / 2017

De Tuinen - Minor Function (Primitiv Notion Remake)

Video / Rik Möhlmann
Artist / De Tuinen
Album / Minor Function
Label / Beer On The Rug
Cat. # / BOTR028

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Lukas Tarvainis is Lithuania-based electronic musician. He has been creating music since 2010. During this time Lukas made a few other projects such as Penthouse Bruneii, Sintetika Humana or Primitiv Notion that represent different music styles and perspectives he likes. Creative practising and many years of DJing led Lukas to deliberately educate himself on the world of electronica.

Driven by intuition and everyday experiences, he likes to explore infinite realms of electronic music, which is sometimes not clearly defined and constantly changing depending on the environment.

Currently working as Freelance Music Producer   he is also interested in providing Creative and Technical Audio Services including Music Production, Audio Recording and Editing, Sound Design and Post-Production, Mixing & Mastering Services.

music productionaudio recordingsound design, mixing & mastering

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